Over the years, I have participated in many successful projects. This page includes some of them. 

Cheryl Hom Portfolio

Electronic portfolios are a great way to engage students in an active learning process by giving them the opportunity to gather, record, and reflect on their own work. The value of portfolios goes beyond the classroom as they can also

be used to help students during the transition between education and employment.

At the UMKC School of Law, I introduced video-based portfolios to graduating students as a portable solution to gather and share their work at the school with potential employers. I used Mediasite by Sonic Foundry as platform. Each portfolio starts by a video where the students introduce themselves and talk about their goals. The portfolios include video clips from class exercises, competitions, testimonials as well as links to other materials and relevant work.

Example: Cheryl Hom - UMKC School of Law

UMKC School of Law URL ShortnerHaving a short URL generator was among the features I planned to implement for the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law website. However, I didn’t anticipate the high number of requests I received for this service. In 2016, I decided to dedicate the built-in URL shortner feature in the website (WordPress plugin) to internal links within the website. Links to sub-categories or articles that the default URL will be too long to easily remember. In addition I installed an open source URL Shortner platform on a different server with a new domain name umkclaw.link. For this platform I used YOURLS, an open source PHP and MySQL based application to create short urls. This application is accessible through the web interface and also through plugins for Chrome and Firefox browsers. It is now available for staff and faculty, and it has been used to generate short urls for events, RSVP forms, scholarship applications, and other temporary links.

International Students Day - Celebrating Saudi Arabia This is the second edition of the UMKC’s Miller Nichols Library International Students Day Celebration. This year we celebrated our international student from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The UMKC hosts a large community of students from Saudi Arabia for whom the library is a great place for studying and learning. We collaborated with the Saudi Students Union to come with an interactive program to showcase and inform Saudi culture and heritage. The program was a great success and a celebration of the diversity of the school and the library.

International Students Day - Celebrating India (Flyer 2015) In spring 1015 I had the privilege of working with two amazing librarians from UMKC’s Miller Nichols Library Fu Zhuo and Susan Sanders. Together we organized the first International Students Days in the Library to celebrate the diversity of our students through the participation and the promotion of diverse cultural and entertainment activities one country at a time. For this edition we chose to celebrate our Indian students.

With the help of the UMKC’s Indian Students Association we put together a rich program to celebrate the diversity and the individuality of India. The program featured guest lectures, entertainment and movie along with Mehndi tattoo, books and DVDs displays and Indian refreshment. On April 17, 2015, over 75 participants gathered at the iX Theater of MNL to celebrate India and the UMKC’s Indian students.