Over the years, I have participated in many successful projects. This page includes some of them. 

Selwane.com is a web portal dedicated to my home town Salé. It was launched in 2002 as a platform for news, culture and local events. Soon, it became a source for local and national news by excellence. The most popular section on the website was the coverage of the annual festivals in the country. I succeeded to gather a team to help maintain and feed the portal with exclusive content. By 2007 I launched Selwane.TV the webTV of the city (an award winning website) and amwaj that was dedicated to Bouregreg development project. Selwane.com and its sister websites are still available online as a precious archive.

Settatbladi.org is a unique website dedicated entirely to “Al Aita”. I started this project with my father Ahmed Ajmi (photo) in 2007 by acquiring, digitalizing, and organizing old vinyl discs and cassettes.

Now, Settatbladi.org receives contributions from all over the world. It has more than 2,000 songs, more than 600 photos and many lyrics. It also includes other endangered genres of music in Morocco like “Malhoun” and “Aita Jablia.”