follow I produce web-oriented high definition videos that are easy to embed into your website. I have introduced video marketing to several businesses and organizations in Morocco, DFW-TX, and now in KC-MO. It's a great tool for marketing and a great way to showcase any type of work. I also produce corporate videos and profile videos. All my realestate videos can be viewed on this Youtube channel: More videos are available on my personal Youtube channel:

This video highlights the Child and Family Law specialty at the UMKC School of Law. It features an interview with the program director and alumni of the school. The video is used to promote the program online and during recruiting events.
This video was produced to promote the Ireland/Wales Study Abroad program at UMKC School of Law. It features testimonials from participants and the program history from its director.
This video was produced during the Matriculation Ceremony for the Class of 2019 at the UMKC School of Law.
This 360 degrees video was created using Kodak PixPro. The narration was recycled from an older Google Glass video we have done previously. The editing was done on Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.