MAALL Annual Meeting, Kansas City. october 22 - 24, 2015

Program Description:

Many librarian positions have emerged in the recent years where technology plays a big part in the job description. While the titles might differ, the duties remain the same and demonstrate a growing need of an advanced technological skillset to lead the libraries in the digital world of knowledge. However, having a digital librarian with the desired new skills might not be enough as most libraries still rely on a broader information technology service and follow their requirements and rules. This panel will discuss common challenges that law libraries are facing when it comes to implementing new digital initiatives and how they manage their relationship with the main IT service.


Resa kerns: Resa is the associate Law Librarian for Web and Educational Technologies at MU Law Library. Blake Wilson: Head of Instructional and Research Services at KU Law Library. Michael Robak: Associate Director and Director of Information Technologies at UMKC Law Library. Eric Brust: Circuit Librarian - 8th Circuit in St. Louis. David Lindahl: the director of Strategic Initiatives & Planning at Miller Nichols Library at UMKC.