This project, funded by a Title III Grant, consists of repurposing old Dell Latitude PP01L laptops into attractive digital exhibition platforms to be used at Tarrant County College Northeast Campus Library to support student success.

Goals and objectives:

  • Develop a digital exhibition program open to students, faculty and staff providing exposure and recognition.
  • Increase library attendance and use of its services to support student success.
  • Market the library services and events among students, faculty and staff.
  • Provide exhibition users the opportunity to become part of a digital publishing project that will be housed in the TCC NE Library Archives.


"The DIY Digital Exhibition Experience at Tarrant County College" is a paper regarding this project published in the Journal of Library Innovation Vol 5, No 1 (2014) by Ayyoub Ajmi.

Abstract: The Northeast Campus Library of Tarrant County College District in Texas used a Title III Grant to support an innovative project consisting of repurposing old laptops as digital exhibition platforms available to students, faculty and staff. A small number of the frames are used for library promotion displaying FAQs, new acquisitions, and events. The rest of the digital frames are used for exhibition purposes. The project's mission is to promote student success by increasing library attendance, promote the use of library services by building dynamic and long-term partnerships with other departments, and provide exposure and recognition to students, faculty and staff members. This paper describes the project from the grant application to the preparation and installation of the frames, as well as the evaluation of the project.

SSN: 1947-525X

More information is available in the project's website at

You can also read about the project on these publications:


Current Installation as of Spring 2014:

These are the first frames deployed (Spring 2013):